Canadian House of Wisdom

Insititue for Advanced Studies

To set up an institute for higher learning (college and/or university) that would offer in-class and on-line courses in the areas of religion, humanities, and other related academic areas to students regardless of their religious and national backgrounds.
Among members of Academic Council, we can mention the following distinguished scholars:

Dr. Lynda Clarke, Professor at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.
Dr. Mohamad El-Assadi, Professor at Loughborough College, United Kingdom.
Dr. Hussein Merhi, Professor and Academic advisor, Concordia University, Montreal.
Dr. Kamalaldin Sheikul Islam, Professor at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
Dr. Majid Radaei, Professor at Concordia University, Canada.
Dr. Soheil Al-Kash, Professor at Laval University (Quebec).
Dr. Sayed Mohammad Amin Shahrestani, Director of CHW.
Dr. Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi, Professor at Harvard University, Massachusetts.

Furthermore, the CHW is presently looking for North American colleges and universities that would sign a cooperation agreement with Dar Al-Hikma Institute in the purpose of exchanging information, curriculum, courses, human expertise and accreditation.